Sam Horwitz's Classic Cocktail Compendium

(With photos)

Tiʼ Punch

Express the lime coin into a lowball glass and drop it in. Add the syrup and the rhum and stir. Traditionally, the drink is served without ice, however if desired, add a single large cube or sphere of ice.

Is this a Daiquiri or Caipirinha variation? Or an Old Fashioned variation? I’m going with the latter. This drink uses all of the same pieces as a Daiquiri, but it’s construction is completely in the style of an Old Fashioned. It takes a large pour of spirit, a small dose of sweetener, and a bittering agent (in this case the citrusy, and yet pithily bitter coin of a lime with enough peel, pith, and flesh to provide oils, bitterness, and a few drops of juice).

This drink is great if you want a vegetal and summery Old Fashioned or if the idea of a Daiquiri or Caipirinha seems appealing but you want something drier and more spirit-forward.

The name of this drink comes from “Petit Punch”.

  1. Blanc, élevé sous bois, ambré, and vieux are all acceptable.

  2. A small disc of lime peel with some pith and flesh attached. You should get a few drops of juice along with peel expression and bitterness when squeezing and muddling.

  3. Cane syrup is often cited and may be more true-to-form than demerara syrup. I just have a ton of rich demerara gum syrup on hand and haven’t felt as though I need to diversify from there.

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